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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Jollibee Hash Brown Burger and University Floats

My shots was not presentable so I copied the photo from the Jollibee website, photo credits to their graphic artist.
It was past the hour of 3:00pm when we had our free snacks courtesy of Jollibee RD Plaza. They serve us one of their newest product, the Hash Brown Burger, a regular 100% pure beef patty, with slice of cheese and two golden browned crispy baked hash browns. As on the packaging shows, it was baked so it has lesser content of calories compared to fried, but when I had my first bite of the product, still there's a bit of oiliness but it compliments with the juiciness of the hash brown. The meal was quite very heavy; I had a hard to finish eating it. As a Jollibee champ fanatic, I would still go on with the older products but the innovation put up by the company was very brilliant as this will give an array of choice for the Filipino people. Let's just hope that it will be forever part of menu and not just a by passer. For those curious out there, you could purchase the product at any of your favorite Jollibee outlet for just Php 64.00 solo and Php 80.00 with a regular drink.

They offer also another new product a University float, which has four flavors Green Apple, Red Watermelon, Yellow Dalandan, and Blue Bubblegum. As blue was my favorite color, I choose the Blue Bubblegum and I was very happy with my choice, it's so refreshing and affordable at Php 28.00 for the small size and Php 38.00 for the giant size. Now the school spirit will truly flourish with this new refreshment. Get colorized and try these new products.

The manager also gave us Jollibee my Elite Card for free; this card will entitle the bearer free Jollibee products for every purchase of Php 200.00. Free products vary depending on the
current month; September - free jolly hotdog; October - free Jolly Crispy fries; November - Jollibee Peach Mango Pie; December - Jollibee Spaghetti.

Thanks to Jollibee RD Plaza for making as special and allowing us to try your new product free of charge.

Thanks to for coordinating with Jollibee RD Plaza the free snacks.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tacurong Sultan Kudarat the City of Goodwill

Photo Credits: Ariel Lalisan and Doc Remo Augilar
As soon as we arrived Tacurong City, we were surprised that the Municipal ground has a high fountain with colorful lights and a block map of the Philippines. Then after we had our picture taking, we meet with the Doc Remo Aguilar, Joy Villareal, City Information Officer, Mr. Allan Firenzo and City Administrator Boy Nicolo who arrange us a courtesy call with their honorable city mayor Lina Montilla, who is waiting at the third floor of the Municipal building.  We introduce ourselves to Mayor Lina and discuss to her the purpose of our Tour, which is to promote the tourism industry of the City by visiting their tourist spots, joining the festival and staying for a night to observe how the city life flows by day and night. In return, we are going to create articles that will help boost the tourism industry of the city and erase/eliminate the top negative impressions of Tacurong when searching about the place using internet.

Allan Freno City Information Officer - Jose Laurence Perojo( - Arce Garcera ( - Nanards Zee ( - Marz Bendol  - Avel Manansala ( - Joy Villareal ( - Ariel Lalisan ( - Remo Aguilar ( - Van Almeria (
Mayor Lina Montilla was very opened to suggestions, she was very humble and a women to be admired in terms of courage.  Her main trust for her terms is to strengthen the security of the Tacurongnons, as she believes that once everybody is safe, everybody else will follow (education, health, finance, recreation).

Right after we had our courtesy call, we proceded to the VE-JR Aqua Farm and tried their sumptuous "Hito" "Pantat" "catfish".  Drop by the city Round Ball, for a night shot of the "Talakudong", checkin to our hotel and have a good night rest.

The next day, we ate our free breakfast then walked our way to the starting point of the festival street dancing.  We cheered, take still photos and video of the event.  Everyone was amaze with the performance of the participating districts.  After the street dancing, we watch the field demonstration at the muncipal grounds and witness the best of choreograph and headgear exhibition of the contigents.  We then ate, together with other media who cover the event.  Right after we had our stomach full of tasty meals, we went to the Baras Bird Sanctuary home to thousands of black crowned night heron and egrets.  Dropped by at St. Louis Hospital where Doc Remo Augilar work.  Lastly we ate merienda at Mang Gorio, located at corner of Lapu Lapu and Jaycee Avenue, Tacurong City.  We ordered their bihon guisado, fruitshakes and buko-halo.  Everything that was set for us were carefully prepared and taste of the product is a passing rate.

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Where to Stay in Tacurong Sultan Kudarat

Where to Stay in Tacurong Sultan Kudarat

Thanks Mayor Lina Montilla, City of Tacurong with the assistance of Allan S. Freno, Doc Remo Aguilar and Joy Villareal for the free hotel accommodation.  Thanks for the free breakfast.  It's very Filipino and the presentation and plate setting was awesome.
Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat is located in Central Mindanao and serves as the center of finance, trade, commerce and recreation out of the 11 municipalities of Sultan Kudarat.  If you happened to visit Tacurong either for educational, business, political, cultural and family trip and are looking for a place to stay, then you have come to the right blog post.  During our 24 hour visit at Tacurong City, Mayor Lina Montilla with the assistance of Allan S. Freno, Doc Remo Aguilar and Joy Villareal, booked us at Lilliputian Garden Hotel, the hotel is a perfect spot if you are going to attend Talakudong and Inugyunay Festival as they are just in front of the Municipal Hall, less than 5 minute walk.

The hotel is located inside the SKPSC Tacurong Campus and part of their Hotel and Restaurant Management curriculum.  The hotel is single storey and has 2 Royale rooms and 5 VIP rooms, both of which offers air-conditioned, cable tv, bathroom, mini ref and access to wi-fi connection.  In Royale room an added luxury of bath-tub awaits the guest.  All this for just Php 700.00 per day (Royale Room) and Php 600.00 per day (VIP-Room), both type of room could accommodate three persons, 1 single bed and 1 twin bed.  The hotel also has a garden restaurant, access to tennis court, basketball court and large parking space.  They also cater in-house and outside premise catering services.  The staffs of the Hotel are students, very friendly and very benevolent.

For a Complete choice of guaranteed hotel and lodging service, please browse the list:

They Host us for the Talakudong Festival 2011
Address: Alunan Highway, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
Tel No.: (064) 200-6100

Accredited by the Department of Tourism
Address: Ledesma Extension, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
Tel No.: (064) 200-3698

Address: Acasia Street, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
Tel No.: (064) 200-5001

Address: Valdez Subdivision, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
Tel No.: (064) 384-1847

Address: 3rd Block Negrillo Subdivision, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
Tel No.: (064) 200-3053

Address: National Highway, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
Tel No.: (064) 200-6085

Address: Valdez Subdivision, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
Tel No.: (064) 200-3591

Address: National Highway to Isulan
Tel No.:

Address: EJC Montilla, Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat
Tel No.:

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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Talakudong Festival 2011 Street Dancing Winners

This was the first time, I walked and enjoyed the city proper of Tacurong, because usually when I am in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat the only place I visit was the Public Bus Terminal but it all suddenly change when Doc Remo Aguilar invited us for the Talakudong Festival 2011 Street Dancing and Field Demonstration in celebration of the 11th Foundation Anniversary (September 18) of the City of Goodwill. Talakudong is a Maguindanaoan term for headgear that protects and covers the head from the striking heat of the sun and freezing cold of the rain. During the street dancing and field demonstration, the 5 contingents showcase their talent and choreograph of the head gear. The loud sound of the drums, gong and other musical instruments, the scream of the Tacurongnons and visitors, the colorful dress, props and headgears filled the street of Tacurong City.

First part of the climax of Talakudong Festival was the street dancing starting from the entrance area of the Municipal Hall down to the round ball where they have their street showdown then turn right to Bonifacio Street then right to Roxas Avenue and back to the Municipal; grounds for the field demonstration. The program started with the entertainment coming from Jollitown followed with the Doxology, Singing of the National Anthem and speech of City Mayor Lina Montilla and Mayor Inday Sarah Duterte. After the program was officially opened, the crowds started to cheer for their favorite contingents. During the field demonstration the first part of it was the re-enactment of how the headgear was stolen from them and how it was brought back by a certain warrior, which eventually they adopted it as their symbol and later on becomes the city name. The elementary and high-school students extremely perform all their routines with a smile and big shout. They were all graceful with their headgear exhibition and to mind us, the headgear is not ordinary wide-brimmed hat but it was beautifully handcrafted by the participants using their very own local materials.

The judges who had a very hard time in making the final decision were Miguelito V. Trocio, Maria Cora C. Tito, Id Acaylar, Nona Ruth B Sarmiento and Malony Martinez.

Special guest of the City of Goodwill 11th Talakudong Festival were former Mayor Lino Montilla and Family, Mayor Peter Miguel of Koronadal City, Mayor Erwin Gatchalian of Valenzuela City, Mayor Rolando Garcia and Vice-Mayor Joaquin Concha of Kalamansig and lastly Mayor Inday Sara Duterte of Davao City who brought with her a white chopper, which landed at Pilot Elementary School. She was personally picked up by Mayor Lina Montilla, who gave her the same Talakudong which they both use for the entire event.

Congratulations to Honorable Mayor Lina Montilla, Vice Mayor, City Councilors, Barangay Council, Security Personnel, LGU Staff, contestants, families and friends of all events participants and to all Tacurongnons. Uswag Tacurong...

Thanks to Doc Remo Aguilar, Joy Villareal and Allan S. Freno - Information Officer of Tacurong City for hosting us this very wonderful experienced, I was really truly amaze with how the students perform with headgear.  Thanks to Honorable Lina Montilla for the accommodation, passes, meals and transportation within Tacurong City.  The people of Tacurong are very generous.

Talakudong Festival 2011 Street Dancing Winners

1st Place - Tribu Kudong
- North Tacurong District
- VF Griño Memorial National High School
- Prize won Php 130,000.00

2nd Place - Tribu Manubiao
- Central Tacurong District
- Prize won Php 100,000.00

3rd Place - Tribu Salakot
- Tacurong National High School
- Prize won Php 85,000.00

4th Place - Tribu Kadsayap
- East-West Tacurong District and San Emmanuel NHS
- Prize won Php 10,000.00

5th Place - Tribu Katubuhan
- South Tacurong District
- Apolinario Bernardo MNHS and Rajah Muda NHS
- Prize won Php 10,000.00

Special Awards:
  • Best in Street Dancing - Tribuo Manubiao
  • Best in Street Showdown - Tribu Salakot
  • Best in Field Demo / Headgear Exhibition - Tribu Kudong
For More Details, Please Contact:
City Mayor's Office
3rd Floor, City Hall Building
9800 Tacurong City
Sultan Kudarat, Philippines

Tel No: +63 64 3842628 / +63 64 3842637
Telefax No.: +63 64 4770138
Website: City of Tacurong
Email address

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

VE-JR Aqua Farm (Ihaw-Ihaw Sa Exit) a must try in Tacurong City

Photo Credits as reflected on the watermarks: Ariel Lalisan and Doc Remo Augilar

Each and every city and municipality in the Philippines mostly have special Filipino cuisine, for example in Gensan, the most favored is the Tuna, while on Lake Sebu is the Tilapia and so now that you know the famous fish in these two area, let me share you another fish loving community.  If you are in Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat you're food hopping would not be complete if you can't experience the VE-JR Aqua Farm (Ihaw-Ihaw Sa Exit) and ordered their famous "hito" "pantat" "catfish".  Thanks to Doc Remo Aguilar and Joy Villareal for allowing us to try this local delicacy and as a matter of fact this was the first time I was able to eat hito because when alive, I find them very eerie due to its physical appearance and their eight barbells.

They say that the best place on earth is hidden and so as VE-JR Aqua Farm, if you're not from Tacurong, who would have thought that a cozy and affordable restaurant may exist along with some rice fields.  During the night, we even had a hard time in navigating the place as there we no signage and the street was totally dark and there's no houses or other establishment line-up.  The restaurant had two ponds also, on the left side are the catfish and right side are the tilapia. They also have an arc bridge, which is perfectly located within the restaurant.  The place is big enough to accommodate 100 plus guests.

2nd from the left - Mr. Batchar - owner of the VE-JR Aqua Farm.  Thanks for the food, drinks and for sharing us your stories about Tacurong.
We ordered their famous deep fried Hito, Adobong Hito, Tilapia Nuggets and Nilagpang na Manok (grilled then steamed in a pot – cooking in a pot provides a different taste and much healthy). As a first timer of Hito, the taste is kind of sweet, succulent and the texture of the fish itself is white contrary to its skin color.  The famous Filipino Adobo is on their list of menu also, the taste is next to good and does not have a muddy taste.  The Nilagpang manok cooked in pot which uses a native "bisaya" chicken is first grilled then minced and sauté it with ginger, garlic and lots of ripe tomatoes.  Personally I don’t like native chicken as they are very hard to eat but once properly cooked, its taste would move to the next level, I enjoyed and had eaten more chicken piece than others (hehehehe).  Lastly the tilapia nuggets / fillet were my most favored of them all, as I am a fanatic of these kind of delicacy.

Catfish is extensively cultured in the Philippines due to suitability and abundance of fresh water.  The owner of the restaurant had also a new fish pond at General Santos City. Near the Gensan View, who knows one of these days they may open up a branch in Gensan.  To know more about these fish, you may watch the documentary film entitled Catfish and criticize the movie.

For those who want to try their delicacies, VE-JR Aqua Farm is located at Terminal Exit Road Tacurong City, Sultan Kudarat.  For advanced orders, you may call them at (064) 200 6262.  Enjoy your catfish, tilapia and Nilagpang na manok experience.

The restaurant also boost a wi-fi connection.

For more Details, please visit:
Facebook: Ve-Jr-Aqua-Farm-Ihaw-Ihaw-Sa-Exit

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

General Santos City Fish Port Complex the Tuna Capital of the Philippines

Photo Credits: Fitz Villafuerte and Berniemack Arelláno
General Santos City the Tuna Capital of the Philippines.

In December 1994 the biggest construction project in General Santos City began and this project was funded by the Overseas Economic Cooperative Fund (OECF) of Japan, who is one of the major consumer of high quality tuna products especially the sushi and sashimi.  The complex which has a total land area of 32hectare is owned by the Philippine Fisheries Development Authority (PFDA) and is strategically located at Barangay Tambler, where most of the tuna canning factories were also constructed.  The construction of the General Santos City Fish Port Complex (GSCFPC) was completed March 1999 and from then on it started to export Tuna to major foreign markets in South East Asia, United States, Europe and Australia.  
The day before we went to the Fish Port Complex, we were already oriented by and, of the strict rules implemented and that is no shorts, slippers and sandos allowed and plus if you want to get inside the market area you have to provide your own white rubber boots (as in white only, no other colors allowed).  Thanks to the administration department of the complex for preparing us the exact the number of boots, even for the little girl who was with us for the S3X tour.  For those who have no prescribed outfit, that would be not much of a problem as some locals anticipate already some tourist in the complex, so their are some store just right outside the complex that sells white rubber boots and used pants in case you really have no time to go back as tuna are unloaded only early morning.  Within the facility was a number of roving guards and coupled CCTV cameras for ensuring that everyone followed the standard procedures set.  This complex was accredited by the USA and European Union.

After putting up our boots, explained to us the layout of the complex then later on we started walking towards the entrance area of market where the giant tuna and other big fishes were unloaded.  But first thing first we have to soaked our boots on a water tub, which I don't know what chemical component was their but I am certain that it was for hygienic purpose.  If you don't step their then the guards will not allow you to come in.  Luckily we were still able to catch some giant tuna but as explained to us by Avel, if have reached earlier, we might have witness a more crowded and more high quality line-up of tuna.  

To my estimate only half portion of the market was filled with tuna as some of which were already packed and transported.  But still 50% population of Tuna was still a big thing for us; each one of us tried to get a closer look of the yellow fin tuna, touched it and smelled it.  Later on, when we saw some fish carried and place on a weigh scale, each one of us post together with the tuna and I am surprised with the weight of tunas ranging from 30kilos - 70kilos.  But of all of us, I was the one with the heaviest tuna with a total weight of 72 kilos, which exceed 2 kilos of my current body weight.  Another thing that I had observed in the market was that even gallons of tuna blood spoiled in the floors and dozens of fins and gills were removed, still the sight of market for me is still the cleanest.  

Later on I even tried to carry small tuna, but it was too heavy for me and so I shifted to a different specie if fish, I forgot the name but as mentioned it was a good quality of fish to be used for fillet.  Next thing I saw was a piece of tube inserted to each fish, as this will identify the class of fish if it is to be exported, supplied to canneries or to be consumed locally. Out of the many species of tuna, it was estimated that 45% of the tuna catch are skipjack, then 25% are yellow fin and about 23% are frigate and bullet tuna and the remaining 7% are already mixed specie. With regards to its net landings around 60% are brought to the canneries, 35% are exported and 5% sold locally.

Following the great opportunity to witness giant tuna carried on shoulder we preceded to next market where banera's of fishes were unloaded, segregated and classified.  Still the market was clean and organized, but we did not stay long there as our main target was only the giant tuna.  But still I am thankful to this market as they are the one providing us the local fishes we generally consume.

What else is the better way to celebrate Tuna festival than to be with the tuna.  I salute all the people behind catching and preparing this fishes.  May the Tuna industry continue to grow, to bring more jobs to the Generals.

Special thanks to Port Manager Caloy Hagosojos for ensuring our access to the  GSCFPC.

Additional Credits:
GenSan City Mayor's Office for the usage of their L300 Van

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lemlunay Dive Resort in Maasim Sarangani Province

One of the best tourist spots in South Central Mindanao in terms of snorkel and scuba diving is in Tinoto, Maasim, Sarangani Province and who else is better to serve the local and international tourist other than Lemlunay Dive Resort, home of the South Point Divers.  Lemlunay in the native language of T'boli and B'laan, which means a paradise, indeed it was a paradise very well taken care of the resort owner, Paul Partridge, a certified master scuba diver and trainer.  The resort is nearly 30kilometers away from General Santos City, most likely a half-hour drive. This 3.8 hectare resort sits the famous Tinoto Wall offering a spectrum of marine life.  The wall drops over to 50 feet, 10 to 20 meters away from the swimming spot.

As of this moment, Lemlunay offers 6 premier dive spots namely: The Abyss, Rocky Beach, Wrasse Point, North Sandbar, Wrasse Point and Plateau.  Each of this reef have their own beauty as showed on their website and photo display, it showcase various colors and sizes of hard and soft corals and marine life such as the giant Maori (as large as six feet), giant quid, school of tropical fish and marine turtles. I haven't tried scuba diving yet the sight of snorkel already amazes me very much, how much more if I have to dive in, most probably my jaw would dropped to surprise seeing these wonderful sights right in front my naked eye.  Aside of their in house-reefs, they also offer day trips to other destination outside of their 10 kilometer bay to Maasim reef, Sumbang point and Lo-ok and Chapter Reefs.  They even offer also special trips to Kiamba - Tuka Marine Park and Bacud and Lomuyon Reefs.  In the near future, I might probably try scuba diving and discuss more the different reefs mentioned (cross finger, I hope it will materialize, the only thing that prevent me from doing this, is I don't know how to swim, hahahahaha).

For none divers like me, we still have the very best option to enjoy the resort through its infinity pool.  Infinity because, if your talking a photo from a very low angle, it would appear that the pool is connected to the ocean.  They have a restaurant also that offers yummy foods and has free wifi facility, so anyone could directly share their experience in social networking sites.  Lastly the resort is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  So Come and Dive with the Experts.    

Poolside (4 pax - 2 breakfast)              Php 3,000.00
Ocean View (4 pax - 2 breakfast)       Php 2,500.00 
Ocean View (2 pax)                           Php 1,800.00 

* Additional mattress Php 20.00
* Entrance Fee Php 300.00 ( Php 200.00 for the pool and Php 100.00 for the food - consumable)
* Rent of Gear Php 550.00/day
* Per Dive of Registered Diver Php 600.00
* Trial Dive for Newbies (Gears and Partner Dive Master) Php 1,500.00

Courses and Services Offered:
  • Snorkeling
  • Guided Diving
  • Day Trips
  • Boat Rentals
  • Discover Scuba Diving
  • Open Water Diver
  • Adventure Diver
  • Advance Open Water Diver
  • Rescue Diver
  • Dive Master
  • Master Scuba Diver
  • Emergency First Response
For More Details, Please Contact:
Lemlunay Dive Resort
Contact: Mr. Paul Partridge
Address: Brgy. Kamanga, Maasim, Sarangani Province
Tel. No: (63) 928-524-4528; (083) 228-1704

Monday, September 5, 2011

Maitum Anthropomorphic Potteries

So much fun and thrill was experienced in New La Union White Water Tubing, we haven't realized then it was already pass the hour of lunch time and so we drove our way to the city proper and had spotted these Maitum, Municipal Hall.  The Municipal hall looks very attractive with its four big balusters making it a scene from ancient roman age.  When we got inside, we were very lucky as there were a number of photo exhibits of the different wonders of Maitum, Sarangani Province. Then at the 2nd floor of the James L. Chiongbian Hall are the greatest treasures of Maitum; an archaeological and ethnographic exhibit know globally.  The efforts put up by the Local Government Unit and National Museum was very splendid as it showcase us the very rich culture of our country.
The Faces of Maitum - The anthropomorphic jars of Maitum show different emotional faces.
These burial jars were discovered in Mindanao's most significant cave; the Ayub Cave, Brgy. Piñol by a group of archeologists last 1991.  The burial jars are made of porous clay fired at low heat and characterized by human figure with complete facial expressions as depicted on the photos.  According to the scientist, the radiocarbon dating shows that this burial jars were dated CIRCA 5 B.C. to 225 A.D. This unique and intriguing anthropomorphic secondary burial jars will surely be a great possession for the National Museum to trace the Maguindanao prehistory and the Filipino people in general.  This might also trace those of our Southeast Asian neighbors.
Jar No.13 - This anthropomorphic  jars is the largest recovered from Ayub cave and was found with human bones inside. 
Jar No. 26 - This is an infant burial jars which contained a young person bones and teeth.
Apart from the archaeological specimens, the exhibit also showcases the ethnographic spicemens from T’boli and Maguindanao groups who formerly occupied the poblacion and latter transferred to the coastal areas.

Shows the layout of how these jars were discovered inside the Ayub Cave

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mr. and Miss Gensan Pageant Night the Major Highlight of Tuna Festival 2011

Photo Credits: Mr-Miss-Gensan-Pageant by 

To be honest I am not of that much interest when it comes to local festivals especially when it comes to Beauty Pageant segment, as I consider them to be dry, annoying with the screams of the audiences and it is not as prestigious and extravagant with National Beauty Pageant but when I witness the Gensan Tuna Festival - Mr. and Ms. Gensan 2011 together with the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers and Friends, while seating on the front row seat everything had drastically changed.

This event was already the 9th edition of Mr. and Ms. Gensan, showcasing the world class talent, beauty, confidence and determination of the Generals. The Top 20 candidates who made it to the most anticipated major highlight of this festival showcase their Festival Attire, Swimwear, Evening Formals and Phoenix segment Last September 03, 2011 at the KCC Events and Convention Center.

Miss Gensan 2011 Participants: Caroline Lim, Frances Gaye Gonzales, Sheena Mae Gonzales, Melody Joy Co Sep, Windy Pontino, Rochelle Panes Angelada, Sahara Jho Enriquez Cabreros, Ayana Joy Grico,April Joy Postrado Balindoa, Noegih Teoxon Caseñas and Luck Tampus.

Mister Gensan 2011 Participants: Marc Jerick Chan,Francis Jay T. Lagudas, Jeffthie Cardiño, Romeo Guevarra, Mark Anthony Magnayon, Gian Cortes, Gevic Romero, Rahj M. Jose, Serafin Alvarez Lim II and Jeff Grana.

This event was also star studded, as Kapuso Star Ms.Claudine Barreto takes on center stage as one of the judge. The Masters Of Ceremonies were Binibining Pilipinas World 2006 Anna Maris Igpit and Kapuso Hunk Victor Aliwalas. Present also to this Pageant Night was Mike Tan who serenades the contestant, guests, organizers, sponsors and judges. Last but not the least Dr. Joel Mendez, was also present, who actively awarded the different awards under his sponsorship.

Not only that, General Santos City Mayor Darlene Antonino-Custodio, who herself looks astonishing and the Congressional spouses were also present in the evening.

During the 1st part of the event, the Festival Attire, I was really shock with the production and how the costumes were made. I had never seen such complex attire worn by the participants. Some of which were heavy but still they managed to ramp their outfit. The silver theme along with the local fisherman materials made the segment more cheered. Who ever design all of this costume, has really a good craft of what he/she is doing, looking forward for next festival attire. In simple words, the attire was superb, elegant and Royale Gandaness, like the Pageant Producer and Organizer

Another thing that astound me was the question and answer portion of the Top 6 finalist, as each one of them were given an individual IPAD and were given 2 minutes to type in their answer and later on read it thus making it a good way for candidates to be confident not only with their poise, oral communication but also with written communication. Thanks to PCWORX for providing the gadgets.

During the event all the distinguish guest had free access to delicious foods and party mix drinks.
My salute and congratulations to all the candidates for a job well done. To this year festival winners: Ms. Gensan - Caroline Lim and Mr. Gensan - Jerick Chan; 1st Runner Up – Ayana Grico and Jeffthie Cardino; 2nd Runner Up – Windy Lou Pontino and Serafin Lim, you have all proven your worth for the spot which you have earned. Continue to make a difference for the Generals, soar high and inspire the next batch of candidates.

This extremely fantastic event would not be possible without the brilliant idea of the Project O consultants spearheaded by Gensan's Pride - The Mindanao 2010 Personal Blog winner - Mr. Orman Manansala in back to back partnership with Mr. Dino Veloso. This event was supported by City Government of General Santos City, Control +P, Sagittarius Mines Incorporated and Circle of Arts Production.

The celebration is not yet over. Blog your experience about the Mr. and Miss Gensan Pageant Night and get a chance to win a one-year free web-hosting and free domain name. For the mechanics, please visit Blog About The Mr. and Miss Gensan Pageant Contest.

Gold Sponsors:
Gaisano Mall of Gensan
Smart Communications Incorporated
Asia United Bank
Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines
San Miguel Corporation
Montage Digital Photography

Silver Sponsors:
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The mission of Mr. & Miss Gensan Pageant was more than 100% achieved.

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Soccsksargen Experience Tour 3
Bariles and GenSan News Online Mag
Orman Manansala
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GenSan City Mayor's Office for the usage of their L300 Van

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