Friday, December 24, 2010

PUNTA ISLA LAKE RESORT: Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

The Experience
Before heading to the new craze of Zipline adventure at Lake Sebu 7 Falls,  the group decided to take our lunch first on the resort which offers a wide variety of choices and services and at the same time the one with the most superb view of the Lake nonetheless but the famous Punta Isla Lake Resort.  It was almost around 11:00 o’clock when we arrived at the place, the moment we pass through the entrance gate, we were welcome by the people whom we came across with.  I had also notice the warmth smile of the 3 chained monkeys at a cage [I wonder if they were still the same monkeys I saw 7 years ago].  After a few seconds of walking, we had reached the reception area and right before we were entertain by the receptionist a parent and daughter tandem welcome us again, with the mother playing the native instrument [gong] and the lovely daughter was performing the seduction dance.  Both of them were wearing the native T’boli costumes. [T’boli refers to the native who inhabited the place.]  P.S.  Please donate a coin or bill for the entertainment they had presented.

As soon as we had talked the receptionist, she had informed us that we had as much as five choices on where our meals could be served [personal room, top level area, mid level area, open cottage area and floating cottage area of the restaurant.  So for a closer view of the fish cages we decided to take the open cottage area.  The waiter arrived and inform us that their main specialty were the native delicacies such as [Nilasing na Tilapia, Spicy Tilapia Fillet, Tilipia Vegetables, Kinilaw na Tilipia, Sizzling Tilapia w/ brown sauce, Tilapora, Chicharon Tilapia, Pinaputok na Tilapia, Sinugba na Tilapia, Laswa na Tilapia, Sinugnug na Tilapia, Sinigang na Tilapia, Sinangay na Tilapia , Tilapia Vegetable w/ Zepo Guizado, Hototay Soup and Pinakbet ng Punta Isla].   Well aside from the Native Delicacies, they also have pork, chicken and beef menus.  For the record, we ordered Punta Isla Pinakbet, Chicharon Tilapia, Sizzling Pork Adobo and Punta Isla Rice.  All of the meals were served hot and with culinary design.  The most interesting part of the meal was that the price was affordable and at the same time the taste was very delicious.  The sad part was that, there were no meals available for an individual order.   Some of the meals were prepared at the top kitchen and it was hauled or transported using a basket and a pulley method.  

While waiting for your order, you have the option to take a walk within the other parts of the garden restaurant or go on boating for almost 30 minutes and tour the entire vastness of the foggy lake.  Since we are on a time bounded schedule for the Zipline, we just stayed at the cottage and enjoy the view and serenity of the lake.  There was also an option if you want to have the T’boli tribe entertain you while taking the meals.  Their dance steps were very unique and outstanding.  After having our lunch, we decided to take a quick walk and some picture taking moments.  We then passed by the souvenir shops and witness their enormous display of native handicraft products that were for sale at a very reasonable price.  Punta Isla Lake Resort maybe far beyond our expectations with regards to facilities but in terms of hospitality and accommodation, they offer world class services, on which Pilipino peoples were known for.

Additional Information:
Punta Isla is approximately 44 kilometers away from the South Cotabato Provincial Capitol and just a walking distance from the town proper of Lake Sebu.  Lake Sebu which is considered as the Summer Capital of the South Central Mindanao Area. 

They have floating restaurant which has a capacity of 40 persons and has a video-k service.  There is also kiddie pool and three conference halls which are good for 100-150 persons.  You can also try the Gono Magud, which is the traditional massage and foot spa of the T’boli.

Getting There:
Punta Isla Lake Resort can be reached by air or sea travel from Manila or Cebu to General Santos City [the closest city to Lake Sebu with seaport and airport].  From General Santos City take a bus or van to Koronadal city for an hour, then in Koronadal take a bus or van to Surallah public market for 30-45 minutes and lastly take a jeep bound for Lake Sebu for 45-60 minutes.   For a large group [minimum of three persons, you can inform the jeepney driver to bring you to Punta Isla Resort for an additional Php 10.00 per head compared to an individual Php 30.00 motorcycle ride from Lake Sebu Public terminal to Punta Isla.

Punta Isla Native Product and Resort
Contact Person:  Edna Solivio
Telefax: (083) - 238 - 8503
Landline: (083) - 826 - 9062
Mobile: +63 9194852910

Gensan to Marbel via Bus @ Php 70.00 for Mabuhay Class
Marbel to Surallah via @ Php 24.00
Surallah to Lake Sebu via Jeepney @ Php 30.00
Boating Trip (Around the Lake) @ Php 400.00 – Good for 15 Persons
Cottage Fee Lakeside @ Php. 100.00 – Maximum of 10 – 12 Persons
Floating Restaurant @ Php 150.00 / Table
Floating Restaurant Video-K @ Php 5.00 for 2 songs
Entrance Fee @ Php 5.00
Meals @ Php 150.00 – 200.00 good for 4 persons.

Network Signals:
Smart – Normal
Globe – Normal

Where to Stay:
VIP Room – Single Bed
w/ Bath, CR and TV
Php. 750.00
Good for 2 Person
Family Room Twin Bed
w/ Bath, CR and TV
Php. 850.00
Good for 4 Person
Family Room Twin Bed
w/ Bath, CR and TV
Php 950.00
Good for 8 Person
Family Room Dormitory Type
Php 500.00
Good for 4 Person

Photos   ■   Tribal Native Products such as beads, malong, necklace, key chain and many else [Raw Materials: Bamboo, Brass and Wood]   ■   T-Shirts  

As requested.

Other Places of Interest:
  • Lake Lahit - 27 Hectares
  • Lake Seloton – 47 Hectares  
  • Lake Sebu – 354 Hectares
  • 7 Falls and its 740 Meters Zipline   
  • Sepaka Spring 
  • Traan-Kini [Ice Cold Spring]  
  • T’Boli Museum  
  • Sikat [School of Indigenous Knowledge and Tradition]  
  • Brass Casting and Tinalak Weaving
Words to Ponder:
  1. Lake Sebu is God’s gift to us… Please help Lake Sebu Clean and Beautiful. Do not throw your “basura” to the lake.
  2. Please don’t leave your children unattended.
  3. How are you? In T’boli [Kemo Em So?]
  4. A Place where life blends with nature
Special Thanks
Thanks to Jeffrey Playda for allowing me to use his camera for some sort of documentation.  Thanks to Paul Vincent Goyagoy and Sherry Grace Pagaran for new bond of adventure.  Thanks to Justin Ryd Tamala and Irish Labarinto for the new acquaintance.  Thanks to our waiter and lastly to all the drivers who brought us to the place in one piece.


What an exciting adventure! Something I've wanted to try. The pics give an awesome perspective. I almost feel like I was there.